"One of the premier sculptors of the Pacific Northwest, Lee Kelly has made a unique place for himself in the region. Highly sought after for public and private commissions, he has managed to survive and prosper over the years solely from this art."

Bruce Guenther, "An Intersection of Matter" in Lee Kelly (Portland Art Museum, 2011).

Paintings and wall sculpture

"Many of Lee Kelly's wall sculptures stand away slightly from the wall where they can also seem like immense brushstrokes. But there are 'shadow' versions of them, too the spaces just behind them. We can’t, of course, enter that space--the works remain, in this sense, two-dimensional. Yet it is there, and its contradictory 'presence' reminds us that the work is because of what it isn’t."           

Randal Davis, Observatory at Jaipur (Leland Iron Works Press, 2015).

Landscape elements

"Western tradition has it that man's first home was a garden--east of eden--and we have tried to return ever since.... [A garden is] escape from summer heat, glare of cloudless sky. Garden as retreat, pool of water, leafy trees."

Lee Kelly, A Book of Gardens. 1987