The following publications were published by Leland Iron Works Press as catalogs accompanying recent exhibitions by Lee Kelly.


Observatory at Jaipur

Catalog accompanying Lee’s show in October 2015 at the Elizabeth Leach Gallery in Portland, Oregon. Written by Randal Davis and Kassandra Kelly. Full color, 86 pages.


One through Nine

In 2013, Lee Kelly created a significant body of new work, a series of paintings entitled “One through Nine.” These nine paintings are oil on canvas paintings, a medium the artist had largely abandoned in 1963. However, these new paintings do not represent a return to Kelly’s Abstract Expressionist past but emerged from his sculptural work of the last ten to 15 years. Full color, 68 pages.


Lee Kelly: Guide to Public Sculptures

A guide to finding Lee Kelly sculptures around Oregon, created by the Portland Art Museum in 2010. Free.

A Book of Gardens

A Book of Gardens was first published by Lee Kelly and Bonnie Bronson in 1987 as a study of garden designs from India, ancient Egypt and Japan. Hand-printed and illustrated by Lee Kelly, designed and spiral bound by Bonnie Bronson, this small book had a single release of fewer than fifty copies. This 2015 edition includes a facsimile reproduction of the original book and photographs from Lee’s sculptures as installed at his home in Oregon City.